Dungeon game help

Hi anyone
Im trying to create a dungeon adventure game where you go in and kill enemies to then collect gold to then upgrade yourself. Im hoping to make it like a metroidvania but not exactly. You also leave and go to a tavern to use your gold to upgrade yourself and buy new weapons and amor. I have a lot of questions like how to get a weapon of different ability to drop to how do I make the dungeons randomly generate. Can anyone help me out??

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I’m sure someone wilk help you more than this, but could you give me a list of what specifically you need? I also recommend you learn how to use the sabe block proficiently, as it is necessary for everything you want

I will check that out, what I need is

  • Random level generation in a dungeon setting
  • Shop to buy weapons and level yourself up
  • Gold drops
  • Weapn drops
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Ok. Tomorrow I can most likely scratch something of a tutorial up, it’s too late today most likely, sorry. My tutorial already encompasses:

Random level generation
Gold Drops