Dungeon Quest

you defeat waves of monsters in under 60 seconds. Each wave is increasingly harder than the last one. Every five waves, there will be a boss. You also get power orbs, which increases your power, making it easier to kill monsters. This game is for up to four players. on the start screen, select how many players you like by pressing their down keys respectively. There are 15 waves currently. Here are the controls
P3: IJKL, “,”
P4: Arrow Keys, Enter

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@PageGaming im not trying to be rude but now grazer has fixed online multiplayer

I dont think you know this but I cannot afford to pay for a plan. A free account does not have online multiplayer

@PageGaming yeah i know im to poor to afford or learn grammar

Wait what? I think your grammar is not too shabby! Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially during these pandemics