Dungeons and dragons roleplay club

this is a chat for hazbin hotel fans. if you want, you can chat using your oc. mine is Vito. you can post memes, quotes, and other HH related things. (you can even post about helluva boss)

I have like over 200 characters that I have created, but they aren’t Hasbin Hotel related.

I’ll be honest, flowlab’s kind of small to really have fan clubs on existing media. No offense, but I don’t even think Hasbin Hotel was ever mentioned up until you arrived. Then again, it only recently got popular once season one aired.

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lol yeah. there’s a small amount of kids that know about it at my school. and on the oc thing, if you have a demon or angel one, you can use that one

I don’t think I have a single demon or angel character. I tried to stay within the mortal realm and not anything regarding the world beyond death.

oh… then I don’t know what you could use. most used oc?

Is this like sharing characters or role playing?

At that point, I would recommend a dnd session, which minor sessions has been hosted a few different times on here, but I don’t know of anyone who does casual roleplay.

hazbin hotel dnd does sound fun. im not too good at that kinda stuff tho

role play does sound fun too.

Once you have at least 2 players or more, you set up a basic story. Players create a character that can relate to the story, but most dnd sessions are usually very chaotic so you don’t want to limit them too much.

Real dnd is kind of complicated, since you have to have an entire character sheet that keeps track of inventory, stats, skills, traits, origin, etc, but on flowlab, you just kind of wing it.
Dnd has a lot of combat and some of the fights are what makes it fun.

thats cool. maybe i will do a dnd club. i just need one other person to join so we can start

okay so we can start now and people can join whenever. or we can wait for one other person. ur choice

Sorry, I was working on my game.

Technically you can play with just one other person, but it’s kind of boring.
As the Dm or dungeon master, you typically play as the enemies and NPCs, while the players are the protagonists or, if they wish, antagonists.

So, if it’s just you and another person, there’s technically only one actual player while the other plays as the majority of the enemies. You can play as a character in the party, but it can get kind of overwhelming having to worry about your own character in an environment you create.


What setting? Is this gonna be like full on DnD where we need character sheets or is it just gonna be roleplay with dicerolls?

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If it’s being held on here, I’m assuming just basic roleplay with dice rolls.

I would only suggest using character sheets and more Indepth gameplay in an actual voice call or in person, since it’s way too complicated to explain briefly in text.

I also don’t know if Soul_muffin06 knows how to actually run a dnd campaign legitimately. I’ve spent many hours doing research, and I don’t even know a lot of the basic details of it.

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bears in baldur gate 3



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so I found out that there’s a DND club at my school and asked the teacher holding it how the game works. so who ever wants to play can let me know and I’ll right your name and the other DM things needed

Ps. im going to play too

DND is so fun! I love it because I love RPG’s.

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and its a great game for kids like me!

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The best part of DND in my opinion is how I could relate to it, like how I rolled a 1 in Charisma. Just like in real life!

My actual favorite part of DND are things being decided by dice.