duplication of behaviors

@grazer when i am editing my sprite randomly all my behaviors that were not in a bundle got deleted? also when i click a behavior it spawns two of the same behavior i think it may also do it when you put sprites in a level then go on the web site and play it. thank you for this awesome website i would buy pro but i don’t have any money :frowning: but thanks for looking at this bug

p.s it may be because of my mouse but wanted to let you know anyways!!!

and for me at least the editor is all around buggy

another bug is when i play music using the sound objects it sounds all scratchy and weird but when i test out my level when i go back into my editor it still plays

one more MAJOR bug is when i play me level after i add an object with a mouse click behavior attached to a emitter most of my objects turn to a solid red block with all behaivors deleted this is really bad because it deleted most of my game that i have been working on ;/ hope you get this fixed soon