Dynamic Lighting on Character?

Hey everyone.

I need to know how to put dynamic lighting on my character. So basically everything is pitch black except for a glow on the character that lights up the character and everything around it. This image was the best thing I could find to explain it, imagine that but it’s pitch black and all you see is the glow that follows the character.


You can try using an interface object that covers the whole map except for the middle part.

That wouldn’t work because the light needs to follow the character

Basically, what luminous said, but keep the character centered in the screen, that way it pulls off an illusion. I do it all the time

Either keep the screen centered with the player and use a GUI black screen with a cut out circle or you could basically make a full screen size object that is black but with nothing inside of it, like it has a circle cut out of a big black rectangle. You have the big black rectangle with a circle cut out follow the player, so everything outside of the cutout circle you can’t see.

If someone could post an example thatd be nice. I cant quite figure out what you mean :confused:

I think CBG had an example in Temple explorer 2
You would need a gradient sprite to make it look like what you mean, I think.

I can’t even get that game to load for some reason : P