Edit Window Bug (Or new update?)

I haven’t worked on a game in a bit so I’m not for sure if this is a new feature or bug.

When I go to edit any of my games, the editing window only appears on the game’s window as if you are playing it.

The edit game button doesn’t even work and only esc works to get in and out of the editor. I’m sure this won’t be much of an issue for games with larger screens, but considering most of my games use smaller screen sizes (Since I plan for using fullscreen) I find this quite an issue.

Even if I have to use fullscreen to blow up the window to edit the game normally, I would have to fullscreen everytime when I change a code slightly.

Like I said, I’m not for sure if this is a bug or a new feature, but this doesn’t feel right in the slightest. I’m not even sure if it’s something on my end.

@grazer @JR01 do you have any ideas on this or how to solve this issue?


having the exact same issue. worked fine yesterday, broke today. hoping this is just a bug

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a guy had the exact same issue on the discord, weird

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I’m assuming it’s probably a bug from the new updates or maybe grazer is currently editing something so the website is probably broken at the moment.

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I just deployed some minor site updates, and there was an issue for a few minutes that was breaking the game page. It should be resolved now though, so please let me know if reloading the page doesn’t fix it for you.


I just came on to mess with some sprite designs and the windows on most of my games are too small to even mess with code or even work on sprites.

Unless it hasn’t loaded in for me yet, the window is still persisting. I’ve refreshed a few times and got the same result.

Try clearing your cache from the browser settings

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The window works now, but now I can’t sign back into my forums account on my computer.

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Sign in on Flowlab and come back to the forums, the certicate was removed when the cookies were deleted.

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That’s what I did. I’ve had issues logging in since I switched my email over to a verified one. Ever since then, I have been logged in because I know once I log out, I have to switch my email back over just to log back in. Sometimes it’ll kick me out if I switch it back.

Since I cleared my cache, it logged me out and I can’t get back in.

I’ll let Grazer know, I’m guessing the emails probably didn’t swap on the forum’s account.

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I just realized that.

The forums is still linked to my old email and the website is linked to my new one.

I want my new email to be promaniacpumpkin@gmail. com. Since I can verify that one.

For anyone else: Deleting your cookies will log you out of everything (cookies are how websites identify you). Clearing your cache won’t effect anything - it just makes sure your browser will grab the latest version of any site you visit.

For anyone else: just clear your cache if you encounter this issue, no need to delete cookies.


Can you DM me in Discord to get this sorted out?

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Yeah, it’ll be a second since I’m switching classes.