Editing game screenshots?

Hello yet again!


My request is a way for the game editor to edit the game screenshot without completely erasing it. A lot of the time I spend hours on a game screenshot and submit it, there comes a missing pixel or letter that’s off and I end up having to make a completely new screenshot. It’s a little annoying and, after having messed up many times, I cannot bear to do it again.
Maybe add the game screenshot to the browse library, that would be infinitely helpful.

(Sorry if this sounded a bit straight-up, I’m not the best with asking.)

For the community:

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Just save the image. Don’t ever make a screenshot inside Flowlab. Make it somewhere else, like Photopea, Pixlr, Piskel, or Pixilart (all of these are free, and Photopea is literally free photoshop. Doing that erases this problem entirely.

Although, yes it would be helpful, I think it would be better to filter out game screenshots that are mid by coercing them to be made elsewhere.


I usually just create a sprite within the game that’s a square to match the screenshot perimeters and edit it according to the game. Like a simple logo or something. It you look at game logos and such, none of them are an actual screenshot or scene within the game, but a memorable logo or symbol that makes your game noticeable from others.


Exactly. JUSTPLAINOP always uses Flowlab to make his screenshots, so that’s why he runs into this issue.

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What should I draw them on?

I mean, I also use flowlab for my screenshots. Generally I just make a neat and organized menu and just screenshot it. But for a decent logo, I would just use an upscaled sprite for it.