Editor Fast Travel

OK, I have a cool idea for the Flowlab editor that would be very helpful when making games with stretched-out levels.

Fast Travel

This would allow you to type in any x and y and when you hit “OK” the editor will automatically move that coordinate(the one you typed in) to where your mouse was when you entered it.

I envision it something like this.

@grazer please consider this : )


That would be pretty handful, especially in games with large levels. For some of my games I’m working on, which tend to have big maps, it can be tedious to constantly scroll back and forth between areas. It would be helpful if I could instantly travel from one point to another to edit that part of the level.


For real. This is a great idea!


Yes we really need this. The drag with the mouse is really annoying.(not to be mean grazer :frowning: )

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Yes, I agree. The grid movement thing is pretty buggy.

Oh wow cool idea!

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