Editor icons and zooming in

Hey everyone, sorry I’m pretty new to all this so it might sound stupid, but why is there no legend or pop up when you mouse over that explains what each icon is under the editor? Like the 2 on the bottom left for example, I assume they are some kind of copy/paste buttons but how do they work and which is which? Also… is there a way to move the camera around the image you’re working on without cutting off parts of it? When you zoom in, it just zooms in to middle. Ok so… I use the arrows button to scroll around it and work on different parts but then whatever i dragged out of the work area gets erased when I drag it back to position. Is there a different way to move around the image and work closely and zoomed in? Thank you all.

The hand tool to move around the sprite editor and don’t cut the image.

THe copy/past works this way:

Copy a sprite from an object (two white papers icon)
Past the copied sprite to another object (a brown board and a paper icon)

@PixelPizza Thank you for the quick response!

Also… any chance you can play my game and see if you can tell me why the background has a slight line clipping on the bottom edge of it where it repeats again. Its not super noticeable but you can see a line there where the repeat starts

Wed need a link first


I think you just have to clone the background once more and then it repeats normally.