Editor Update - a bit faster, some new stuff

I just deployed the latest release. This one took quite a bit longer than I hoped, but I got a lot of things taken care of that have been outstanding for a while. Mostly I was focused on improving editor performance, with less laggy interface interactions. I also added a few new features that have been long overdue as well though. Here’s what’s new in the latest version:

• Faster editor UI interactions. This means that clicking buttons, opening menus, panels, and popups should be faster.
• No more error message when adding velocity to a static object. This has worked fine since the new physics engine was added, so the error is not needed.
• Dropdown boxes have been improved. They are faster, correctly sorted, and the scrollbars should be less annoying
• Behavior menu scrolls instead of obscuring behavior buttons on small screens

Bug Fixes:
• Inheritance/Parent object loading fixes. In some cases parent behaviors would not load correctly.
• Fixed missing text in settings panel when creating a new Alert
• Label alpha not working correctly
• Label outlines / borders not respecting alpha settings
• Various small Label fixes
• Behavior Error messages rendering incorrectly

New Features:
• New Behavior - Device Check: this enables logic to run only on certain platforms. For example, show an on-screen UI only on mobile. https://flowlab.io/behavior_handbook/#mobile-device-device-check
• New Behavior - Calendar: output the current Month/Day/Day of Week/Year. ( Example: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1270602 )
• New Behavior - Clock: output the current Hour/Minute/Second/Timestamp https://flowlab.io/behavior_handbook/#components-clock
• New Behavior - Cursor: enable/disable the cursor arrow while in the game https://flowlab.io/behavior_handbook/#gui-cursor

This update has a lot of pretty big changes, please let me know if you find any issues.


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Nice, we got some new behaviors as well.
Thanks Grazer

I like the time behaviors, I already made a clock and calendar from it. Though there is a few things I can report.

At random times I go to click an object, I seem to do something like a “miss click” and I would grab the world instead of the object (where as that object doesn’t move on screen). You can’t unlclick out and need to refresh the page.

Something simular happened to the behaviors that only happened once, but also everything was in a froze state kinda like a crash.

Alphas that were changed in game stays changed when in the editor, making it hard to move labels when 0 was already applied.

And also you can’t screenshot

Time/Calender/wall clock:

Thank You! @grazer

This is a very good update, thank you! :smiley:

I just deployed a small patch for this update that fixes the screenshot labels again.

@grazer, I still can’t screenshot for the game cover.
I hit the button and nothing happens…

Edit: I can screenshot when the game loads but not when I go to another level.
If I go back to the first level and screenshot, the labels disappear and still doesn’t take the pic.

what game? I’ve been testing the screenshots and they’re working OK for me. Warning - I may upload a new screenshot for your game if it works for me.

I made an edit^

And its this one:

I wanted to screenshot the clock on level 3

Edit: Here’s a vid:

@grazer The new cursor behavior block isn’t working for me. I just did mouseclick (down) --> cursor (off) and nothing happens when I click on the object. I’m using FF 69.0.3.

Edit: Updated to 70.0 but it’s still not working

Wow, this is amazing! I really enjoy the new behaviors! Unfortunately, I didn’t see this until today.

Hey @“JR 01” - I deployed a fix for the screenshot issue that you were running into with your Time demo.

@Latif - I just now deployed a fix to make the cursor hiding a lot more reliable. Let me know if you have more issues.

I was hoping for save states. Like in emulators. Would make my life easier.

@epicgamer2354 You mean like save & restore a snapshot of the complete game state?

@grazer, thanks for the fixes!
I can now screenshot any level and the cursor is off when playing a game but I found something else with that.

When playing the game, turning the cursor off, its off until you go over a label.
Going over a label turns the cursor back on and shows the hand icon as if you can move it still.

That would be amazing, a “save & restore of the complete game state” feature would save sooooo much work. @grazer

Just tested the new editor and damn now that’s way better! It feels good :smiley:
Feels accurate to our clicks and commands

@grazer That’s what I meant.

@JR01 - that label/cursor issue should be fixed now

@PixelPizza - glad you like the editor optimizations. It was a whole lot of work, I was hoping that people would notice :slight_smile:

I tested the editor on my PC, and oh my god, this feels so smooth and polished. Really like it. I really do. And the other blocks you added are great to! I can see them helping other people, especially with people who have events on certain days. I can see the calendar block helping people with that, especially.

What you do is awesome. Your gifted, dude! Keep that up! :slight_smile: