Embed Code Not Working

When I copy the embed code, all of the sprites become red squares.

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@grazer , grazer grazer graaaaazzerrrr

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Hey @Tapeboiii - can you send me a link to where the game is embedded? I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going wrong.


How are you copying the embed code? Do you mean when you export the game?

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When you click my games all of your games show up. On all of them, there is an option that says copy embedded code.

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Well, it’s copying the code, not the sprites, so that is my guess why.

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(Yes I know google sites is probably not the best spot to put this)

That link is a 404 when I click it.

any idea on how I could fix the link?

make it public

Hey, I just tested the embed codes on my own and saw an issue due to the server upgrade over the weekend. It’s fixed now - if you reload it should be fixed. If you still see the problem then clear your browser cache.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

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im dumb. It should be good now

thanks @grazer. Your the best!

No, you are. And you’re welcome :slight_smile: