Ember news (CLOSED)

Greetings users,

I have many things I would like to share. The problem is: I do not want to post it on the Off-Topic-Channel. I figured I better just make my own topic.
This is my topic. You can post, but this topic is mainly for, well, Ember’s news, lol.

If you do end up posting, which is just fine, these are the rules:

  • Don’t speak bad language.
  • Don’t insult anyone.
  • You cannot steal any of my pictures that I post on here, unless I say.
  • You can play any game that is posted on here.
  • Don’t call me an AI, I am a normal human.

(This will be sort of like Updates from Lmpte.)

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Also, this is not exactly a social forum. It’s just made so I can announce things without disrupting the OTC.



People have been calling you an AI?

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I will be going to a tournament tomorrow. It’s for the Martial-art Judo and it’s a number of hours down into Washington. I might have to go at five A.M, but my match is at 6 PM, so we’ll see.



Yeah, lol. I mean, I don’t really care, but it’s still annoying.

Should I change my Profile Picture? I have another one ready. Do any of you remember when I drew that epic Halo picture on Pixilart? I made it hyper-realistic and now I turned it onto a profile picture.
I have two or three options:

1: Halo


2: Anime (realistic)


3: Anime (Cartoon)


I’ll let you decide
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

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Once one of the options has 3+ votes, I’ll equip it.
Voters on the OTC: @BradenS @Jefferson-Bobby


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Oh, I remember that.
I remember people saying that they weren’t calling you an AI, but the way you speak.
I guess the way you were confused with some memes people posted that they started saying you spoke like an AI.

But that was in the past so I guess we could stop talking about it.


Only one more vote left on either option 1 or 2!



Yes, sorry. I was sleeping. Ok, I’m going to change my profile picture to the Halo one. Wohoo! My profile picture is changed.

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During the Tournament, which was called Rainier Cup, I sat in the upper-right-most seat possible. My Brother and I were just sitting there for nine hours. Since I was sensible, I got there early enough for the Opening ceremony, which was at 8AM. My match was at 6PM!!! During that time, I decided to draw.

Since I was only doing Judo for two months (since Covid ended) I was lacking in experience. I was only yellow belt. My opponents were Green, Blue, and white. I lost ALL OF THE MATCHES!!! I might get promoted sooner though.

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I’m in quarantine. I might have covid, I’m not feeling too bad though.


Yikes, hope you feel better.


Hope you feel better too.

That’s good. I recommend drinking boiled water with cinnamon in it mixed with natural honey, which should make you feel much better.

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Huh, never tried that before. To make things worse, I tried cheese right before, which was a bad idea. I’m mostly just taking Vitamin C and D.

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I just played Assassinations on Hotel Yami room 027.

I don’t know why, but this player named [REDACTED] wouldn’t stop hunting me down the hallways, so annoying. I died near four-dozen times because of her. Then, she shot behind me, indicating something that wasn’t there, so I turned, just so she could punch my exposed back for another kill. Stupid me fell for it TWICE!

I only got second…

I admire her skill though, it wasn’t as if she was an easy target.

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Here’s a little story for anyone why wants to read it:

I was taking apart a broken RC car and salvaging the pieces. I was going to take out the switch diode next, which was located near the back of the body. I forgot to take out the batteries though and, as I cut the off wire, I saw what some might call a flashbang. It was a blinding light-blue ball of light that flashed in my vision for only a blink of an eye, but it was there all right. Thankfully, it didn’t affect me, and I went on extracting the small motors.

I have a few theories about how this incident happened:

One, the off circuit was cut and since the diode was off as well, and the batteries in, the electric messages coming from the switch were stopped and the spare electricity was let loose.

Two, the switch sent a positive message since it couldn’t send a negative one with the off wire cut, and that led the car to turn on and put the IN on the switch, which was also cut, causing the flashbang.

I don’t actually know why there was a sudden flash of electricity, which scares me. Even with the batteries in, the switch was off, meaning that the entire circuit was off, which should’ve prevented anything like this from happening.


I wrote an epic fight scene! It’s about two Spartans that just infiltrated a Covenant base… and ran into a SLAPPER BRUTE.

Without hesitation, Keith leapt from his hiding spot and rushed forwards. He took the S7 and the sack of armor abilities with him. Hastily, he removed the Grappleshot. It was a compact, fully automatic, grapple-gun that could be strapped to any Gen 3 forearm plate.
Once Keith was twenty meters away, the brute reached Wyet. It lunged with immense speed and slammed into Wyet’s back. With a grunt, he was thrown off of his feet and flew several meters to one side. His shields only had seven percent left. Then Keith arrived. He shot the grappleshot straight into the brutes face, tearing flesh and fracturing the bone behind it. Brown-red blood ran from the creature’s face as it turned to him, a snarl on its face. Too late. Keith came smashing into the brute’s face and landed a solid punch on the creature’s jaw.
Nothing happened. After his fist made contact, the brute didn’t even seem fazed. It just paused for a second, then smashed a huge fist into Keith’s helmet. Using the sudden impact on the middle of his helmet to his advantage, the spartan did a full three-hundred and sixty degrees backflip and landed in a crouch. The brute, Wyet totally forgotten, sped towards the other armored figure.
With the speed of a cat, Keith pulsed onto his arms in a kip-up position and, with all of the strength of his upper arm and spartan exo-suit, he pushed up and flew just millimeters over the brutes head. In one fluid movement, as the brute stopped, he pivoted on his right leg and landed a smashing right-kick on the brute’s back.
Staggering, the monster flung itself around and jumped. It rose over two meters in the air and with a twist, sent a fist crashing down. As the brute came closer to the ground, Keith jumped up and took the large hand. In the space of a heartbeat, he aimed and fired the grapleshot into the ground about three meters away. As the rope reeled in, it twisted the brute onto its side and it hit the ground with a sickening CRUNCH. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have any effect either. The brute shot up onto its feet and lunged again towards Keith. The spartan jumped and planted his two feet into the brute’s chest. As the monster ran forward, Keith pushed with his legs, effectively double-kicking the large, barrel chest and flinging himself away.
As he landed, he drew the massive Sniper Rifle from his back clip and used the grappleshot to widen the gap between him and the brute.
In one movement, he turned, aimed and fired the large rifle. With a CRACK, the bullet slammed into the brutes chest. It sheared through the metal plating and into the body. Still, the massive creature seemed unfazed. It lunged at him again and, blood spilling from its shot-wound, jumped into the air. It rolled into a ball, at least as round as a brute could be, and came flying down, straight towards Keith.
Suddenly, it was flung to the side. A metal-clad figure landing on the ground beside it.
Wyet. Keith thought. With incredible speed, he ran towards the brute, unsheathing his large assassin’s knife from a belt at his waist. The confusion of the moment had passed and the monster was now riveted on Wyet. As Keith got nearer, he crouched, activating a motion-tracking block that was located in his helmet.
With a grunt, he plunged the blade into the brute’s back. One, final, cry of agony came from the monster, then it fell to the ground, ominously silent.
“Let’s get the ■■■■ out of here!” Wyet shouted to Keith. He had inserted the information chip into a safe-box after escaping from the covenant fort.

The paragraphs are a bit indistinct because of Discourse’s format.


That’s awesome. Truly captures the battle and visceral evolving combat of the Halo series. I’d be willing to read more.

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Thanks! I’m working on a series with Keith as the main character. It’s during the time after Halo Infinite.

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You’re welcome! That’s sounds cool. Good luck.

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