Ember's Examples

Greetings, users of Flowlab,

Over the months, more and more Examples have been popping up in this category. After a while, I though; maybe I should make one example, for I had much to share that hadn’t already shown up on the category. The only problem was; I am a free user, meaning that if I made one more game, I would have no more space in my game archive. Knowing this, I refrained from making an example… until-

I found an easy way to use one level for multiple games. Then I considered using my last game space like this, but my time was consumed by my other games. You can probably guess what happens next after one of my projects gets shut down. I had no more game spaces. I kept it a secret until now, but I have started a little example game, where I have a big main menu with a list of the examples, and all of the examples are built into one level.

For now, I call it Ember’s Examples. It was partially inspired by JR01’s bundle library, which I recently found. I have two examples so far, slash, which I might polish and fix a bit, and fading invisibility.

Anyways, that’s all for the present. I will use this topic to post updates on Examples and new ones. If you like the examples, drop some feedback.

-Ember Ren Yatoshi



I updated the invisibility system, now there’s a little cooldown animation.


JetPack system. It’s WIP for now because I still need to make a cooldown, but other than that, it’s finished!

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Is this still being updated? Because I think you should focus on your other games.

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I’ll update it while I’m not working on my other games.

Flying Fajita is working on an example, so I’ll take that time to work on mine.


Just updated the collection! I added an easy cooldown system. I’ll make a bar later.
Ember’s examples

Ok, I just added some dummies and a cooldown animation. Now onto the next example.

I just updated the player character. Now I can use 1 sprite for all of the examples that involve a player!

I made a dashing example, but I think I might update it a bit. There are multiple ways to make this sort of thing, so I don’t know if I should edit it.

I also made a new bundle format, so one doesn’t have to open any of the bundles.