Emergency Server Maintenance in Progress ⚠️

It looks like there is a problem with a server, I’m working on it now. In the mean time, please refrain from editing your games. I’ll post updates here…

[EDIT] You should be able to edit your games again, but performance may be degraded while I am making updates.




It looks like there is a filesystem problem, I am in the process of cleaning some things up. Games should be editable again, but website performance will probably be degraded while I’m working on the server.

[EDIT] If anyone cares about technical details:

The server had run out of inodes, which means it couldn’t add new files, even though there was plenty of disk space. I’m cleaning up a bunch of old/deleted games to free up inodes in the short term. For the longer term, I’ll need to make some changes to the way asset files are stored on the server to prevent this from happening in the future.


Will the things lost be restored?

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Depending on what was lost I may be able to restore it. If something that used to exist before this morning was lost or corrupted, it will probably be in the backup from last night.

If you attempted to create something this morning that failed, it probably does not exist in the backups, so I wouldn’t be able to restore it.

You can DM me with details, and I’ll see what can be done.


It’s still telling me that it can’t save.

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Just to be clear, will our edits that we make right now be saved?

Nvm, this was a comcast issue (412 bytes per second download speed)

Yes, edit were failing for about an hour earlier today, but are working again now. I’m still making updates, so performance could be degraded (loading and updating could take slightly longer than usual)


Ok, thank you for the clarification.


Grazer: Hey I made A Thing That Allows You To Add A Sprite To The Loading Page
2 Days Later:
Grazer: There Isn’t Enough Room For The Sprites In The Server

Coincidence I Think Not!!!
:thinking: :joy:


He did have to update the servers to release the loading page update