emit force input?

Is there a way to set the “emit force” from an input of the Emitter (like “angle”) instead of just having a fixed value?

What I’m trying to do is have a way for the player to change the force with which a bullet is fired… if there is another way to do that, I would welcome any suggestions! Tkx


No, there is no way to change the emit force via inputs.
You could have the bullet/projectile change speed depending on the weapon, but that would mean adding extra behaviors to the bullet, so that it could check which weapon is being used. Or create another bullet object that is only fired by a specific weapon.

Thanks for the reply, that is a bummer. I was hoping to create an “artillery” game where each player can set the angle and power of an artillery shot, and try to hit the other guy first. I hear what you are saying about making different bullet types with different “emit force” values, but for a game like this I would need so many that it would be really awkward to set up.

Looks like that is not possible at the moment, maybe I will submit a feature request.

Thanks again.