Emit tool not there

I cant find emit tool. It is not in the Components tab. Is it because i am in user interferance or something?

What layer are you in?

User interferance. Is that why?

Kind of thought it was because layer. Thanks.

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It is layer, for some reason all the layers aren’t equipped with all the behaviors. For example, only Game World has the InView trigger.

Yeah, I found that out.

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Because it wouldn’t make sense.

Like, who uses velocity in backround objects?

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I would

Cars in the background of a city game, birds, animals, windmills, and more.


Good thing you got your acc back.


The main reason is that only the Game layer has a physics engine. This means that most physics related behaviors wouldn’t work (Impulse, Motor, Velocity, Emit, etc, etc).

There are some other behaviors missing for similar reasons (only the the game layer has a camera for example)

And there are some that are only in the game layer, but could probably be made to work in other layers as well.


Ok, thank you for clarifying. I knew that there was some sort of reasonable reason, but I just didn’t know what it was.

Does this imply that you will add these after whatever currently takes priority?


I think he means that we could make our own version probably.

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How, what do you mean?

Like if you wanted to make emit work, you could use the spawn tool.

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Yeah, that’s what I meant :+1:


Oh, ok, that is cool.