Emitter, location and Flip

How do Emitters work exactly. I have an emitter emitting a sprite but some sprites emit to the cell I am editing and some are emitting to a location using position. I can’t really remember why some sprites will emit to a location I request but others wont. Could it be because some of my sprites are not moveable? I still don’t really understand how sprites work either. Does it matter what cell you upload a sprite to? If I only want a sprite to appear when its emitted is it best to upload the sprite in a cell outside the game window or best to upload it and then colour over the sprite so it cant be seen?

I’m also a bit confused with the location behaviour. Can I use that multiple times in one cell for different emitters? Or is it one location per cell?

Also with the flip behaviour, can I flip an emitter so that the sprite appears upside down or back to front? Or would I have to upload the sprites upside down/ inside out?

Sorry lots of questions :confused:

Sprites are basically what the object looks like, if you want another object to look like it. Use the browse button in the editor.

Objects do have to be moveable to change location

So if I want a sprite to appear in an emission, what tile do I upload it to? Like I don’t want the sprite to be seen by anyone and when I upload it, it obviously appears in the tile I upload it to. I want all the tiles black so how would I upload it and then edit over it? I’m sure I’ve done it before but I can’t remember how. E.g I have sprites uploaded and saved in the library at the bottom of the screen, but they don’t appear anywhere on the screen. They are saved in Sprites but aren’t physically anywhere? Does that make sense?

The tile is the one emitted