Emitting objects in Multiplayer


Question, I am having trouble getting this emitting behavior to work. It says it is emitting when I run it and when I turn off multiplayer it seems to work fine, but when the number of players increases above 1 it just doesn’t emit, the sound I have on the emitted object set to play automatically doesn’t play, so I believe that it isn’t just a visual error. If I am doing something wrong, I apologize, I am still figuring out how to properly do multiplayer stuff
https://flowlab.io/game/play/1431023 here is a link, very bare bones at the moment

Hey @Myw - the knife is a shared object. Those only spawn while there is a connection - if you open another tab and have two players it should work.

You should check this handbook out if you haven’t already: https://flowlab.io/multiplayer_handbook/#multiplayer-handbook-multiplayer-features-shared-object

That worked, thank you! I didn’t realize I had to be testing it with 2 tabs, thank you very much!