Enable and Disable inputs for Camera

a disable input on the cam would be use-full so you can disable and enable the cam block


Yeah, I can see this being used to enable a camera in one object to enable it in another. For example, if this feature was in my newest Flowjam game, both the player and the dinosaur mech would have a camera behavior. When the player touches the dinosaur mech, it is destroyed and the camera in the dinosaur gets enabled (while the dinosaur is in the level but the player hasn’t touched it, its camera is disabled). Then, when the player exits the mech, the mech spawns the player again and disables its own camera while re-enabling the player’s camera at the same time.

That’s just one way this could be used, so good idea!


Sounds like in your case you just need a camera object, then have it swap between following the Player or the Dinosaur

For your case Hifive, you just need to manually set the Cam X and Y position, then use a switch to turn it off.
Have you seen JR01’s Camera+ bundle?

That only works if the player is set to keep between levels

No? You just have a the camera following the Player X/Y Globals

Keep Between Levels isn’t needed. I have pretty much never used that feature anyways because it just feels buggy.

I was saying that because the camera uses extractors to get the player position. I have tried this extensively, and it took up most of my time during the jam :moyai:.

You should be using globals. You almost never want to get the values of another object using extractors


Okay, thank you. I’d like to request help with that tomorrow in DMs if possible… I apologize for my behavior.

I didn’t see anything wrong with your behavior, but I’d gladly help

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Thank you Flowlabrother. Much appreciated.

Although this behavior would be useful for convenience.