"Enable Rotation" causing rotation even without collision

In the picture above, the creatures leave a trail as they move to show their path. These creatures do not have code to move in curved lines and instead move in straight lines with periodic random turns; however, they have rotation enabled, so they do rotate when colliding. As coded, this should mean that there are stretches of straight lines and little curves where they collided. But instead, there are long arcs. This is because after colliding with objects, many of them will rotate around it, and when they switch direction, they continue to slowly rotate (despite no longer colliding with anything), moving in circles.
I have checked, and they do not do this when Enable Rotation is off.
I hope this makes sense.
Slight addendum: I did check to see if it had to do with the fact that the background is on the game layer (there is a reason for this), and the bug still happened without any background tiles.

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I’m not reading all that… But yeah, I agree… Or I disagree.

Enable collision just means other objects can make it rotate, just like how movable toggle works.

The object can still rotate, just nothing other than code can make it rotate. Same with the movable toggle.

If you want to move an object without rotating it, i suggest trying this example that convets angle to velocity.


@JR01 I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by this? My issue is that after these things bump into things they keep turning even once they’re no longer colliding with anything, and this only happens when they have rotation enabled. I prefer having them rotate around other objects (which is why I have rotation enabled), I just want them to stop rotating when they’re supposed to.
I do know what enable rotation does and it isn’t strictly necessary for the way this program works.

They will continue to rotate after bumping into things because of it’s spin inertia.
One method you can try is setting the spin behavior (not spin motor) to 0 so it would remove any spin inertia after the colision (or turn, whenever you want to remove the spin inertia).