Enabled options

I posted a discussion a while ago, and I was just wondering if any progress was made.

Here’s the post:

Could the property block enabled have options for what it does, so it looks something like this:

Never even saw the other post. Yeah, this would be extremely useful for me. I hate not being able to make an object stop being solid, without also stopping its ability to move. I just want an enemy to disable solid and collision but be able to move, or stop being able to move, but stay solid. Reasons are for ghosts, passing through walls, cameras, paralysis, frozen, becoming an npc, preventing something from being pushed further, etc.

AIs that use raycast seeing doors that use disabled when an object is close would really benefit from having options for enabled, that way the AI can detect the door because enable collisions is still on, but is solid can still be off.

A problem with raycast is it can’t see through anything, so even if you have a house, and you wanted to detect the door, raycast isn’t going to detect the door because of the house, solid or not. For whatever reason, it still gets in the way. I was hoping grazer would do something to add x-ray vision to raycast.

That’d be cool