How do I add enemies to my game?

you make an object, then make in its behaviors if player collision top ---- destroyer
then go to your player behaviors if enemy collision left or right ---- next level/restart
you can make the enemy movable and give it a behavior of “always” ---- number 5 ---- velocity forward
and collision any left or right ---- flip toggle
now your enemy will move left and right when it hits walls, will die if you jump on it, and kill you if you touch it.

can you show a picture or screenshot?

Wow I just realized how stupid I was in my game. I set it so that the enemy had to hit a certain block “left” or “right” in order to flip. I could’ve just did any… I feel stupid xD

What do you mean by and collision any left or right

Click on the collision behavior in the logic editor and these checkboxes appear, uncheck the ones that say “up” and “down” that way they only trigger if something touches them on the sides

Mine only flips once

Mine only flips once to!

@OpPenguin and @JustGitGud - post links to your games, so you can get suggestions on a fix

Always {1} - in number – in velocity (forward).

Again, an irrelevant topic