Enemy ai help with testing

I’m working on an enemy ai for a platformer, so far I think it’s pretty good.
Try to get it stuck somewhere where it can’t get to you, or anything else you notice about it, there is bound to be something I forgot.


This is really good! :grin:
One thing I would recommend is wall jump, for both the player and enemy.
Also, the enemy1 jump animation is kinda cancer, so you might wanna fix that…


Once you get the trick its quite fun, but shooting can be frustrating when there’s so many walls as clutter eating my bullets

You could either:

  1. simplify the level so there are less chances of losing bullets or…
  2. add semi-solid platforms so you can shoot horizontally through some of them

And I was also thinking that you could add an attack behaviour to the homing enemies, so they feel a bit more interesting:

  1. follow player,
  2. stop before contact,
  3. menacingly aim towards their direction,
  4. lock, wait a small second and tackle the player,
  5. a short cooldown (vulnerability player can take advantage of) before
    6-1. repeat it again

Even though I struggle with action games, it is simple and good fun


great idea for the following enemy! I agree with the bullet thing too, I just need to find a way to maximize mobility for the player without blocking all the bullets…


alright I added a shotgun, changed the enemy ai, and a jump spot that isn’t solid