enemy attack problems driving me crazy pls help

my enemies chase behavior works pretty well but when they emit a sword swing or pretty much anything the first attack emits backwards or it hits then the rest of the attacks emit in the opposite direction , i have tried ray casting and it doesnt work can anyone please help me out it is driving me nuts

this is holding me back from making any game progress

https://flowlab.io/game/play/1430166 the last lvl is my test lvl

@“JR 01” hey can you help me

Flip doesnt change the angle of the emit, you need to change the angle when the character flips directions.

@“JR 01” hey very helpful but it only works for a little then does what it use to , emit the opposite way . how can it be consistant ?

@“JR 01” did you have to change anything in the emmitter settings

Yeah sorry @probablydon, Click “angle is dependent” in the emit.
You may also need to switch the “Flip” output of 0 and 180.

This one should be consistent, let me know if it isn’t.