Enemy blaster range

My game is here: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1250260

The medium and large ships can shoot at you from half-way across the map (they don’t actually spawn that far away, but you could potentially fly away.)
I need to know if you enjoy blocking those lasers with your short range shots (or dodging) OR
If you want the enemy to also have short range blasters.

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This game is pretty cool, too bad you can’t move the ship with the arrow keys, that would make it so much more easier, but I like the challenge. I Might have to make a space-themed game of my own, which I did have one, but its abandoned, maybe i’ll continue it since your game is quite inspiring.

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Cool! I’m sure it will be great!

Hello, @ManiacPumpkin. I’m sorry to bring you back into this chat, but I need to know if you were playing my game with an actual mouse or if you playing on a touch pad (or touchscreen). This would help me input arrow keys to my game.

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I tried playing it but the buttons to select do not work. But the over all GUI is very nicely done, I really love it.

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The game requires a mouse (but i’m updating it right now).
This may be why it didn’t work

Yeah I’m using a mouse. But yeah i see how updating it would effect it, LOL. :laughing:

Oh, sorry if the laughing emoiji and the lol sign made my post look rude did not relize that. what i meant was just to express the way how updating it would effect game play while im playing.

It didn’t. I’m just wondering why the ship select function isn’t working for you. Updating the game shouldn’t cause that game-breaking of an occurrence (at least, it hasn’t for previous beta testers.)

Okay, it was a bug and it sorted itself out. I’m pretty sure it will work for you from now on.

Ok, also sorry for being a little late on the reply i was using the bathroom. You know how it is for late night gamers lol.

You should probably add a time delay for shooting, cause holding the fire button is a little to op. also I found a bug were the enemies get stuck inside the barriers. You could make it were the enemies spawn of screen so you don’t die randomly from a spawn, plus it would help with the spawn in the barrier glitch. Just some helpful advice. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll see what I can do!

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I don’t mind you tagging me here if it’s a serious question, lol. I’m currently using an iPad for game making so that would have to be touch screen, but I’m sure that it would still work for a labtop. A few ideas is that you could make the ship follow the mouse and w or up arrow to move in the direction it’s facing then maybe s or down arrow to reverse.
Another idea could be to use wasd or arrow keys to move about the screen like a top-down movement game, then use follow mouse to aim, then click to shoot. Similar to that of a basic io game.
This helps for touch screen users since their click and curser is actually both in clicking so it is very difficult to move about and shoot at the same time, but for labtop it would be much easier. Although these methods that I described could benefit on both devices or you could use a similar design that also works.

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Also my iPad has a keyboard so I can use keys, lol. Prob should’ve said that in my paragraph(s).

I see what you mean, and that’s why I changed them (about two months ago I changed them from the arrow keys because they would just hurt your hands). Left click is how you fire and right click is how you accelerate. The PowerUp is the spacebar. I did this so that everything was based on reaction time and not enemy anticipation.

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Okay that seems accurate. I have a computer so it’s not like the game is unplayable for me, but i guess that the game isn’t for Mobil, which I can’t blame since not many games are, that would be pretty cool if you made a version of the game for Mobil though, maybe like a separate game or just a simple option in the games setting, lol. Anyway I can’t wait to see this game evolve into its true form.

Yeah, I don’t think Flowlab.io was meant for mobile, at least the editor. But the forum is since you can change the layout for mobile, at least that what i found out when i was messing with some of the settings for my account. It’s not like i need it since I’m using a computer which i find best. Also, this may be off topic but could you give me an idea for a game i could make.