enemy chase behaviors not saving

my enemies extractor data wont save and copy over to the next lvl please help

i have made a chasse behavior for my enemies and once it works for one lvl it wont transfer over to the next the extractor wont save the other object

Extractor behaviors only extract the values of another object if the object type and name is specified. In one level, these enemies are extracting the values of the player object name that ONLY exists in the first level. In the second level, the same player object type exists, but not the player name.
If you could provide a link to your game, either me or someone else could show you a screenshot of what yous could do to combat this problem.
Also, here is a handbook of the extractor behavior.

https://flowlab.io/game/play/1413459 here is the link , thank you

You could also fix this by using a proximity block instead and making the range as far as your level.

i dont understand the proximity block thing

Proximity blocks extract the coordinates without using an extractor block. Replace the extractors with proximities and set the proximity to 320 or higher.

will this still work with a different copy of the player sprite on each level ? i think it wasnt saving the information cause the player type or other eemy type was changing because everything was copied and pasted


i cant figure it out

Send a link

@probablydon, send the Players X as a message to the Kingsmen enemies.
This will work across levels.

In player:

In Kingsmen: