Enemy going backwards and floating HELP

on level 2 I have wolf enemy that is walking backwards and also floating. How do I fix this? Thanks!

change the shape to a rectangle but when you do this you have to change the walls to a different entity/block so that the wolf can hit that then turn around rather than turning when colliding with the ground all so for the back words thing change the 4 to a -4 that sorts that out hope this helps if not ask again with any questions

Thanks a lot for answering! I fixed the backwards walking and floating but now it seems to stop in the middle, idk why. Thanks for helping!

ok so what you have to do is change the wall on the side to a diffrent block to the one on the floor this is an example of what i mean if you check the the second level the floor and the wall they are bouncing off of you should understand


I changed the block to different on the floor, still happening.

ill have a look is it saved?

ok so in the wolf there is a colision function that says to switch you need to change that to the black block rather than the grass

sorry no

yea I did changed to the black block. The black block is New type 22-2.

it should work, so weird…

tell me if this works


It looks like the wolf is just getting stuck on the ground, I actually think its a bug cause some older games are having this problem. Try making the wolf not affected to gravity so its not rubbing against the ground blocks. This will help it from randomly stopping but the wolf wont naturally fall anymore (which shoudn’t be a problem since its just moving in a small spot).

yeah it works in the demo i just made though strange?

Works now, Thanks guys so much!! much appreciated!

good im glad what was wrong?

Its just in a few games, mostly older ones.
Like my beta version of DRIVE on my old account, the character gets stuck randomly on the road.

oh ok cool your welcome if you need any more help just ask :slight_smile:

JR 01, thats a nice game! Well done!

yeah shame about the stopping

can you tell me what to add to this game i am stuck with what to add?