Enemy is glitching when i made it move.

so in the 2d game i’m making i found out how to make the enemy move. when i test out the level, the enemy moves a little bit, then it starts turning back, then forth a little bit and so on like its glitching. I’ve seen a video made by a very experienced flow lab user who did the same thing as i did(but i changed the speed and make it say a message like the ‘Dangerous’ behavior bundle) and it didn’t happen for that person. this might even be Flowlab.ios fault, not mine.

That’s very doubtful, post a link of your game so we can check it out.


I’m going to guess that you’re using collision (any) to a flip to make the enemy move, and you either forgot to turn off bottom, (so touching the ground will make it keep turning around), or you picked a shape that clips into the floor and turns around (circle works best). If either of those are what the glitch is, just fix that and it should work. If none of those are what is happening, just tell me what object it is and what video you watched, and I’ll see if I have time this weekend to look at it.

@Mhx Ar My enemy is working normally again. I just didn’t turn off bottom. Thanks a lot.

Well that’s definitely not my video because I turned off top and bottom :tongue:

Edit: at 0:40 https://youtu.be/LCha_neZ9v8?t=38s

I’ve been having the same problem with my game, only the enemies are set the left and right. If you enter a level with bridges, when the enemies walk on the continue of the bridge, they begin to flip back and forth as though they are touching something. Could someone explain why?

@“Cap. Red Crab”
That’s pretty weird. I haven’t seen that happen before, for some reason the Goombas are detecting the ground as left or right, even if I set it as a rectangle or a capsule. If I set them as a rectangle, even normal ground counts as collision with left or right. Maybe Grazer needs to readjust the hitbox, but the easiest way I can think of fixing it temporarily, just make the bridges one block sized, instead of 5 blocked size, that might work. If they can walk along the bricks, and the bricks are one block, it should work if the bridge pieces are one block.

Okay, I’ll try that. Thanks!