Enemy won't go towards player.

I am making a ship space shooter and my enemy won’t target the player. It won’t point at towards him. https://flowlab.io/game/view/531896

I fixed it for myself, but is there a way to make a spawner that spawns enemies repeatedly until a certain number and then promotes you to the next level?

I made an emitter that emits the enemy but the run into the wall even though the enemy itself follows.

also i randomly get danger popups.

You can spawn enemies with an Emitter. To make it spawn them at intervals, you could trigger it with a Timer. To count how many enemies are spawned, increment a Number each timer you spawn one. Send the output of the Number to a Filter, and when it is greater than the count of enemies you want to spawn, then go to the next level.

I understand that it just makes enemies act differently from the one they are based on and I also need to know how to make walls borders but they dont kill you.

also when all enemies die I want one to drop a thing to go to next level