Entire animation system needs overhaul, riddled with problems

Hello everyone. I have a bug that’s quite annoying. I am trying to create a waterfall effect so I drew some water and then tried to add animation by adding some white lines to act as the current reflections. Everything was going fine until I realized the alpha kept resetting. This on its own was quite frustrating so I just gave up on making it transparent. I went to add frames and I tried to raise the delay to make the animation look slower, however I accidentally added some frames. When I hit Ctrtl+Z to undo nothing happened. So now that I couldn’t undo I had to go frame by frame and select “Delete Frame”. Then I made the animation. When I tried to use the animation the “Behaviors” option was no longer there. So you can’t have animations in the background layer? This must be fixed. So I then created a new object to give it that same animation. When I went to give it that same texture by looking at the drop-down menu it wasn’t there. It was replaced by a solid black texture and one with only alpha, ie fully transparent. So I reloaded it and it finally popped, but when I went to give it the animation in the “Behaviors” tab it told me there were no animations. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes I learned from that and I did

@Mierdo01 the alpha is a relatively new thing, but I myself have never run into this glitch before. @grazer maybe you can help?
Flowlab is a website, not an app, so most application controls such as Control Z won’t work.
Background blocks literally got the animation update yesterday, so maybe try again today.

@meburningslime I accidentally deleted my character. How do I undo to recover it?

@Mierdo01 you need to ask @grazer to recover an old copy of it. In the future, I recommending remporarily adding all valuable behaviours onto your behaviour oack list for safekeeping.