Ergent help

Really need to finish my game today and still have some questions. I want to make it so when you beat a boss you get a thing that allows to to have a pet deer how would you do that


Where has the support gone i used to ask a question and it get answered the same day. now no ones questions get answered

Hey ztg5 - great work so far. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you need help with. Do you need help making a boss, or help making a pet deer?

I made the boss and deer but my goal was that when you beat mother nature the boss you get to use the pet deer, that you face when you play mother nature. And so say once in a game when the timer is full you can send out the deer. I can’t figure out how to get something that allows u to emit the deer. And thanks.


Try using a filter, attach it to your time limit (whether it be a number or label), and have the output send a message (label it “on”) to the object that emits the deer.

On the object that emits the deer, make sure you have the mailbox trigger added and labeled “on”. Attach the mailbox to a switch towards the on input. (make sure the switch is off to begin with). Attach an emit behavior after the switch.

As for making the deer actually emit, you need to connect a trigger to the “in” input of the switch. You can use, for example, keyboard buttons, click an object on the screen, or anything really.

Hope that helped.

Im pretty sure it worked but how to i get the deer shooter to go on to the character and stay on for all level i have a box and when you click on it it supposedly attaches it but makes my character move uncontrollably to the right