Enjoy! I put more than double the work into this one!

that is definitely a huge improvement!

Wow, @starpg This is not only an improvment but a really great game.I’m not going to lie - It was difficult, but for your second game, that had some very good coding. Most things like Moving platforms, even the code for the boss which was simple but effective, is something that you gather over time - or rather learn to steal from other people’s games over time - but that is just me.

Really great sequel to your first game, with a more explained story and a hinting at a third game. What I would advise for you to do now, is focus on visuals. Learn to make seamless tiles, and use different objects for platforms, and other things; Your floor should be a square block, because you want to tile it, so maybe work on that. Also, and I am sure you hear this a lot - try to work on your own sprites - for everything. But not necessarily always on flowlab. Flowlab is good for doing characters, but what I would suggest for, well just about everything else that may be more difficult, try: .

Also I would heavily suggest to NEVER use images off the internet, or more specifically google. You may not know who owns the rights to those images and even if credited in your game do not expect to earn any prophet from it without possibly being sued. One way to avoid this on google is going onto tools and selecting “Available for reuse”. Those images are okay to use freely, but I would still recommend making your own. My pixilart account is: . Just for a more… Realistic view of stuff you can do on there.

First off thank you! I really appreciate the kind words and the good tips. As for the copyright thing I know all about that as I used to do my own music, but I just did these two games for a start. I’m sure you know these two were just trial runs. Another thing is I did do a lot of research like you said and took coding from others while messing with things for the boss like putting A and B together and just seeing what worked. If I do end up making a third game I will definitely do all of what you said above. I’ve been so bored with gaming in general and played out from what is on the market so I thought what the hell, I’ll try and make my own game. Now I have two and I surprised myself lol! I’m definitely addicted, and like I said before I appreciate you both! Thanks again guys.

Oh and I wanted to add more to what the story is about.This is the metaphor: As humans we are always going through life searching for something and we never really know what we want until we find it and move on, or stick with it. So in that sense we are all equal and the same. We all want more, but what matters is the journey and not the destination. Like Alan Watts said, Do you know why you don’t know what you want? Because you already have it!

Your game needs to continue.