Escape The Dark

game made under maniac pumpkin
game created by shadowgaming

Escape the dark, another game in development (sry for all these game forums, i just have a lot of ideas)

Story: when the (player) was little they would always take teddy (stuffed bear) everywhere with them, but then, they got a new toy, and never played with teddy again, that made teddy very angry, so years later they grew up and they moved into a new house, right after, they started witnessing paranormal activity, could this be teddy terrorizing the (player) to get back at them for what they did? or could this be something more sinister that could threaten their safety, the only way to find out, is to survive in time.

Genre: Horror that would give you nightmares…:slight_smile:

(not finished, the demo to play with it a bit, e to change rooms when your in front of a door

make sure to press edit, then play it so you wont be connected to anyone else with multiplayer, im taking the multiplayer off in a bit.


Teddy will now spawn in random locations. (so each time you play, he will be in a different spot everytime. so the gameplay will change up, isn’t that great?!)
Theres a timer so if you don’t find teddy in time, you lose.
Jumpscare (Thats actually scary!)

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Make it were you can walk up and down please

this is a platformer game so, but ill try to make it that way.

tell me if the jumpscare is scary or not.

if anyone has any ideas on how the jumpscare can be scarier, could you tell me?

Well for me, the jump scare didn’t really effect me much, mainly cause I wasn’t wearing headphones, but I think that the jumpscare was offscreen a little bit, you might have fixed it by now, but thats what happened to me.

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okay, but do you have any suggestions to make it scarier?

To be honest, I can’t really think of anything, except maybe make it have an animation like its attacking or biting you or something instead of it just bobbing up an down. Also the timer seems a bit broken and it goes down way to fast, but I think that you made it like that so you could test out the jump scare.

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but thats hard to animate and yea i did use that to test it.

I know sometimes animating a jumpscare can be a pain, but it always pays off in the end. Don’t worry, in my game I’m going to have to add a lot of them so that’ll be fun.

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i lost a post for no reason he said it was off topic but it was a topic

i changed it, its not a platformer anymore so HA :slight_smile:

I FELL OF MY CHAIR (bc of jumpscare

xD GOT YOU (20202020220202020)

I did say you could use the lighting feature and a similar concept as mine. You did not use my art so technically everything you are doing is legal, and its fine by me. Plus in my game I plan on adding some really cool features that I bet no one has actually added in a horror game.

So @Grimiscoolandstuff I appreciate you concern, but I did give him permission for the idea.

Also there is no lighting system in the game.

In reality, I made the game, but I made it for 8-bit_Studio so in a way it was his idea, but my game. I probably shouldn’t correct you cause I don’t want any unnecessary arguments.

Anyway could we please stop arguing over who made the game. I gave ShadowGaming permission to use a similar concept as my game, but not the art style so I honestly don’t care what he uses it for, he doesn’t even have to give me credit for it if he don’t want to.

Also @Grimiscoolandstuff there is lighting in the TattleTail remake, but I haven’t linked it to the character yet cause it kept bugging out.

okee dokee

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Um this idea is half good

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