Example bundles

I’m posting useful bundles here as I build up my game. I’d really appreciate suggestions for improving these bundles since I’m not a programmer.

You can see these bundles in action here: http://flowlab.io/game/view/36954

This is a basic bundle to walk left and right, up and down. When you let off the key the hippo stops.

There is a slight glitch when you switch rapidly from left to right. Sometimes that results in the hippo turning but not starting in the right direction. Not sure what’s wrong here.


From Flowlab


From Flowlab

Adding text to a start screen.

This doesn’t work very well. You can add a label to an off-screen sprite (forum.flowlab.io/discussion/comment/873). But positioning the text properly is needlessly complex.

Unfortunately, the simplest thing to do is import a graphic as a background image.

Good job :slight_smile: I already know this but its still good

In a fit of temper yesterday I deleted my games and decided to start from scratch.

Good tut for animations: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/7#Item_6

Explanation of following/chasing: http://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/50/enemies-that-follow-or-chase

Here’s a simple bundle to move to the right until you get close to an object. Then it stops and plays a sound.

From Flowlab