Explosion HELP Please!

My land mine explosions are off centred, my game is called:

“The Legend of Cabro” https://flowlab.io/game/view/233193

Feel free to edit it and send me a screenshot at mikelstock15@gmail.com or comment any useful help in the comments. Thanks, also any helpful tips on the game would be much appreciated!

On your Explosion 2 object add the Once trigger. Link it to two extractor behaviors found in the properties tab. In one extractor tab, set it to extract X from the player type and the Cabro object. In the other extractor object, set it to extract Y from the player type and the Cabro object. Then, in the top of the properties tab, there’s the position behavior. Link the X extractor to the X input of the position behavior and the Y extractor to the Y input of the position behavior. That should do it.

Thanks, I changed it to set to mine but now my shukien is messed up.