Export animation

I would like to export my animations as sequenced png files. This would allow me to work on existing frames while not at my PC.

Exporting as a gif would also be extra helpful for editing in image ready. Importing a gif to create an animation too.

Premium members will have a [Build for Desktop] button in the My Games section.
Once built, people can download the game while playing it.
The package file contains every object in your game in Sprite Sheets, and Singles.
ezgif.com is the best gif creating, editing, splitting, and modifying site ever.

No I would like to create a gif in any gif pixel editor (image ready is best for me) then import it in to the flowlab sprite editor. The flowlab sprite editor would then split the frames and paste each frame of the existing gif on to a new frame in the flowlab sprite editor.

I would also like to export the entire animation from the flowlab sprite editor to a gif file. This is because I will also be using the flowlab sprite editor to edit my sprites sometimes and would like all the frames exported as one file that I can then edit in image ready.

I have no need for sprite sheets as it stands. Exporting an animation should be a standard feature as should importing an animation.

I’ve been coding games for 4 systems, since middle school, and never have I seen a game that imports .gif files… I usually see “import multiple frames” as an option, where you select multiple pictures and it adds them all at once.

You really do not understand what I am asking do you.

The flowlab sprite editor allows you to create animations right?
You draw the animations within the flowlab sprite editor correct?
You can also import images.

As my animations are of many frames per instance it makes sense for me to create animations in image ready.

I can save these frames one at a time and then import the images one at a time.


This is a very long way of doing things. My walk forward animation is 17 frames and I made them within the flowlab sprite editor. I would like to create them in image ready and then import them to the flowlab sprite editor. This is totally doable. This also takes a long time.

It would make much more sense for those images in image ready to be saved not as 17 different files but one uncompressed gif file that holds all 17 images.

The flowlab sprite editor would then let me upload my gif file. The flowlab sprite editor would then see that my gif has 17 frames and here is the magic bit, the flowlab sprite editor creates a new animation that lasts for 17 frames then takes each of the frames from my gif and neatly places each frame of my gif in to a new frame of a flowlab sprite editor animation. Thus saving lots of time saving images and importing images.

I simply do not want to have to save every frame as a new file.

I do hope you now understand what I am saying. Being a graphic designer and animator for over twenty years I feel this is the best way for me to animate for the flowlab app.

I have understood you completely from the beginning. I’m only saying that importing and exporting a folder is much more common than importing and exporting a gif. I’ve never seen or heard of this in the 8 years I’ve done programming. If grazer is willing to pull it off, then props to him. I’m just curious how often this will be used. I’m assuming like how Samus Aran from Metroid has a Cannon on her right arm, you would not want it to be flipped to her left arm when running left.

Basically, for some reason, you want to make your Right animations packaged to a gif, then you want to flip them somehow, then reupload them as Left animations, and edit them each frame in the Flowlab editor.
I don’t understand why uploading a folder is unreasonable, since it doesn’t require compression. The final say is up to grazer, but I only say it won’t happen anytime soon, since the majority of users make symmetrical characters.
He is releasing an update that has been in the works for many months, so unless you are willing to wait for this, the best solution is unfortunately, the slow way.

Uhhhh no. just no.

Don’t worry about it mate.

Here is a gif http://postimg.org/image/lqy0q7g9h/

It would be nice to import it in to the editor as it is.

The editor would then place each frame of the gif in to its own frame in the editor thus saving lots of time exporting single frames from image ready.

It would also be nice to export frames as a gif from the editor for easy image ready (or any other image editing software) editing.

All the frames I need for a movement are stored as gif files for easy access/storage and editing. The turtle animation is 8 frames at the moment meaning I will have to break my gif down in to 8 files and import all 8 to the editor in order to make an object.

I hope the wisdom in what I am saying can now be seen. I do understand that this issue will not a problem for the vast amount of users but I would wager that the vast amount of users are unable to create original sprites and artwork let alone an entire game.