exporter bugs

No matter what i try, the exporter always fails.

Looks like your app icons are not working - are you uploading .png files?

Here’s what I get when I try to identify it:

axiom:Builder grazer$ identify mobile_icon.png
identify: improper image header `mobile_icon.png’ @ error/png.c/ReadPNGImage/4058.

Have you tried other images? If so, it’s possible that the image is getting corrupted on upload somehow.

I’ve used .ico from previous builds- worked before
Used .png- worked before

Both now- fail.

Also, alpha doesn’t seem to work.

Also, it seems that ALL types of exports will fail (desk and android) and the previous build Starblast 2 for desktop Is acting up in a way I can’t explain… has to do with the explosion objects not sending the particles out correctly @grazer try it?

Also, there’s a mouse offset in the desktop version

@grazer are you there?

Hey @jngthree, have you tried rebuilding with a new app icon? The png file that I checked above is corrupt, and the app builds will refuse to use it.

I ran some test Android builds myself and they seemed to be working ok. If the Android (or any other) build still doesn’t work with a different icon image, let me know.

@grazer alpha doesnt work because you can see the invisible boarder objects

try compairing my web games to the android one

also, i Built SB2 Mobile and published it. Its pending while I type this.

If you wouldn’t mind, compare the way it shows on the browser to the app. Also, drop a review if you can :smiley:

OK, I’ll check it out.