Exporting to iOS

I have spent a lot of time trying to export to iOS, but all of my attempts fail. Please help, I have already paid for a developer licence. Thanks!

Hey @Wybba - iOS exports can be a real pain due to the provisioning process for Apple devices. Send me a link to the game(s) you are trying to export and I can check it out and see if there is something obvious wrong.

iOS build failures are almost always a problem with either the provisioning profile or associated certificate.

@grazer Thanks for helping, this is my first time so its all a little confusing. Here’s the link:


Hey, I checked out your game build, and it appears that either the certificate (.cer) or key (.p12) is either invalid, or they do not match. Maybe revoke and re-issue your cert and try exporting the key again?

The process is a real pain, unfortunately - I wish there was a way to make it simpler :frowning:

Thanks, I’ll give that a try

@grazer So I revoked it and re-issued it, but it failed again. Got any more tips?

Hi Wybba,

Like Grazer says, it can be a real pain, I also have first hand experience of these issues.

Here are a couple of links


After you have created your .p12 and .cer you then need to create a new app ID for your game within iTunes Connect.

After you’ve created your app ID you then need to create a mobile provision for your game. Here go to distribution at the bottom of the navigation on the left and create an Ad Hoc mobile provision. You’ll have to give your game a bundle ID reference like com.wybbagames.doggo

You’ll need to have registered your device on your mac, you’ll see you’ll be able to select your device from a list.

After you’ve created your mobile provision and it’s downloaded you need to double click on it to activate it.

This provision lets you play the game on your device for testing. You’ll also need to create a distribution provision for when you’re ready to submit to the App Store.

It’s a learning curve of that there is no doubt!


@muddyapples Thanks so much, I’ll keep trying and let you know if it works. Thanks!

@grazer @muddyapples I’ve been working with apples support and they said a distribution certificate is also required…

@Wybba - were you able to get the .ipa to build, just not using a distribution cert? What did you send to Apple in order for them to decide you had a missing distribution certificate?

There are lots of options on the certificate create page, this is the one you want:


Ohhhhh… I was using the iOS App Development certificate. I’ll give this one a try. Thanks for your patience; you’re the best!

I did that too… I give up.

Hey @Wybba - the process for iOS is super frustrating for everyone, you’re certainly not the first one that’s run into trouble trying to get it working. The key points are:

  1. You need a distribution certificate
  2. Then create a distribution (Ad Hoc if you want to test on your phone, App store if you want to submit to Apple). Use the app id from the top of the mobile export form for this profile.
  3. Export the signing key, making sure it includes both the public and private key pair.

If you have those three things, then the process will work, but it can be very tricky to get right.

I need help exporting too!

but you are speaking german to me.

Hey @meburningslime - the process is pretty tricky for iOS, but really easy for Android, Windows PC, and Mac. Which platform are you trying to export to?

Android. Also, can I share an account so multiple people can access and code a game?
And do I need an account on the app store or something?

Hey @meburningslime - you can export to Android without any sort of app store account. All you need is an icon image to upload on the export screen.

If you want to collaborate, you can create a team on your profile page: https://flowlab.io/users/profile

Then just invite the users you want to be on the team, and add the team to the game you want everyone to be able to edit in the “Game Settings” panel. Just be sure to only add users that you trust - everyone on the team will have access to edit your game however they like.


By the way, a while ago I downloaded a game onto my computer in Android version. How do I put it IN the app store, as I can’t find it already?

You can upload the .ipa Android app to any android app store. The most popular are

  1. https://play.google.com/store
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html?docId=1002999431&encoding=UTF8&ref=get_appstore&ref_=mas_rw_ldg

How do I add a game to the store? I know I’m a complete nub.