Exporting to Windows has no .exe or any sort of game application in game folder

I finished a simple platform game as a test but when I tried exporting it, the game folder has only a bin folder full of what I would assume are associated filed but no way of playing the game. Did I manage to do something wrong?

Here is the url for reference

My colleagues are recently experiencing a similar issue. I don’t remember this happening when I first tested exporting a game. But I see it now. I tested downloading a couple Flowlab games that were built for Windows on my education account, and after unzipping them, there is a folder called “bin” with 2 folders “assets” and “manifest” and a dll file. I can’t find an exe file in there.

@grazer is it OK to tag you in something like this? If we are missing something obvious, it would be nice to have clarification.

It is ok @empowflow, this is a critical issue.
The .exe executable isn’t in the file, I’ll try to email @grazer asap.

@5969136 and @empowflow - thanks for letting me know, this issue has been resolved. Please re-export any games affected, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi @grazer , sorry to bother you again, but I believe the same issue described above is happening again. I’m hearing a report from a teacher this week that their zip files for our account do not contain .exe files today, but they did on previous days this week. Thanks for helping last time, by the way.

I’ll send another ticket to @grazer to look at it, I can confirm its happening again.

Thank you @“JR 01” , I appreciate the confirmation.

@empowflow, Window export should be fixed now.

@empowflow - the Windows exporter issue has been resolved. Some required updates for the app store SDKs affected the Windows export process. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanks very much for resolving it again! I hope it’s ok to use this topic again if the same issue occurs later on.

Well, hopefully it won’t happen again - but if it does you can use whatever mechanism you prefer to report it, this thread is fine :slight_smile:

You can also feel free to file a ticket (the life saver icon at the bottom of the site) or send me an email (grazer@flowlab.io) if you have an issue.

I think the issue is happening again for me…

What should i do ?

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Don’t reply to old topics dude.

make ur own

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Welcome to the Forum @NILS_STREAM, I will inform Grazer about the problem.

@Deadly_Smile, some posts are still ok as long its about the "service" of Flowlab instead of a personal issue of their game (aka website issues that are affecting everyone). This discussion is more like an alert for when the export server breaks. This discussion or a new discussion would help inform us on the problem quicker.


Hey @NILS_STREAM - sorry for the inconvenience, looks like there was an issue with one of the build servers. It has been sorted out, and I re-exported your game. If you download it again you should have a working .exe


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