Expression Zone

Hello everybody! I have been trying to learn about expressions, and I have been making a game that might help a few people?
I will be adding more and more expressions in, but if anybody has one they would like me to add, please post them! It would also be extremely helpful if you could add a description with them as well.
I am working on ironing out the bugs as soon as I can.

  • Edit; Also I am working on better descriptions.

Pretty much every function in the Haxe math library can be used inside expressions. The functions in the “Static Method” category and Math.PI are the most helpful to me personally.

You can also use some functions outside of the Math library like “Date()”
I’d suggest checking out JR01’s Bundle library in the expression area. It has a lot of different functions on display there.


Ok, I will get working on this, thanks so much!

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Small Update!

New Additions

  • Added a link to forum button.
  • Added a copy to clipboard button.
  • Added a intro screen.


  • Fixed a bug within the search system.
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Small Bugfix!
There was an error in the list I made, causing the game to not correctly show the right description. It is now fixed!
I also added math.pow, and changed some of the descriptions around!

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New Update!

I have improved the old system into a much easier and less crowded system.
I have improved a couple of things to make it much smoother as well!

I also added a leaderboard and achievements! Just for fun, but it really doesn’t need it.


New Update!

It’s a small update, but I fixed a couple of things, and added some new keywords to the filter system!