Extracting the wrong Coords

So I use the same object twice and it’s supposed to change depending on where it is, so it extracts it’s x axis, but every object extracts the exact same x axis, so nothing ever changes.
I really don’t know what’s going on smh.

It’s only displayed like that in the editor viewing all objects. If you click a specific object you will only see the coding in that object.

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Well the message still isn’t sending, so it’s not working either way, It spawns at 240, so it should be at 240


Is it moving at all? Trying spawning in that single object

Oh wait, I see, the 240 is going through the switch, but not going to the filter. Is the switch off in that one for some reason? You’d have to spawn it in alone to find the problem.

I found the solution, it was really stupid, but just happened due to messages being slower than once’s

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Messages are not slower than a Once, it’s due to the order of the coding which is fully controllable.

Whichever, I fixed it, by making every spawn also send a message.