Faiafokkusu Game Reviews (Quick And Simple)

can you review this game i’m working on?

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Reivew 4
@BradenS Wish Me Luck

Art: The art is good, but needs more improvements.
Anything to Change? Since this is still in development I will wait for the full game

Mechanics: The shooting in the game does not make sense. you only have three bullets? How do you get them back? Also, it that freddy Kreugger? And Deadly_Smile? Anyways, I love the zoom out and zoom in.
But- Anything to change? Maybe when zoom out make the play see the whole map but can not move, but only see. Add reload or ammo resources

Story: I really don’t know what is the story???

You Got (InProgress) B

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Thanks, I’ve been trying to get the ammo system working.
the bunch of white balls are ammo bundles, they give your ammo back but for some reason the ammo bar doesn’t show that you get them back.
also, have you tried all the skins?

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Let’s see how I do


Hey Everyone and @Pixel_Name I am going to pause this page because I need to work on the game jam first

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Nice, I see. Thanks for the review. Like usual, I suck at art, I’m slowly trying to improve :sweat_smile:. The menu’s particles is snow (I know it doesn’t make sense :D), but I’m planning to add something different for each season (spring: rain, fall: leaves, winter: snow, idk for summer). The ship’s looping animation had more of a actual use back then, it did only do a boost at the end of the animation, I’ll change that too to fit the moving mechanics now. By visual effects, like more particles?

There is more planned gamemodes/story to it in the future. I just haven’t been doing major things on Flowlab nowadays.

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May you review my Gamougg fangame please?


Ok sorry