Faiafokkusu Game Reviews (Quick And Simple)

Hi Everyone! Since everyone is doing a review page I plan to do one too, so that anyone who wants a different point of view and a fast reply, come here and I will review. I am active 12 hours.

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I feel bad for holding off my reviews for so long


Ok thank you @puginarug I will review yours. Sorry if it took 1 hour because I had to go to the store

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Review 1
@puginarug Headbot

Art- I love how polish this game is. The Art is very well made, very well designed. The bright colors matches with the genre of the game of course. **Anything to change?**No there is nothing to change, except the jumping. The jumping i really cool, but in my opinion I like to make the jump a little higher if I was doing that jump-roll. If it is just a tiny jump, I would add a regluar jump animation. (Dont have to change it though till like it)

Mechanic- The freezing and heating really adds the puzzle genre to the game. But it it kinda too easy. Anything to change? Nah.

There is no story…so I will reduct a point from that-SIKE not! Even though there is no story, except falling down into a hole with the power to freeze and heat, then it’s cool.

I think thats it…I think I am forgetting some, But for now I will leave it at that. But if I do figure out the rest of the “reviewing skills”, then I will sure be able to update your review that I did for you.

You Got: A+


It’s Gamouggin’ time!


Review 2
@John_Shrekinson Taile Gamougg 4 YAY

Art: Yessss! The classic “Taile Gamougg-no moing animation”! The art is very John_Shrekinson like. Very Nice!( A gun animation :open_mouth: ) **Anything to change?**Nah.

Mechanics: I really love how each level tells a story. Very nice! But some of the mechanics, like the bumper cart, or car(I don’t know what it is…) You can easily fly down to the deep below. Anything to change? Hmmm…Maybe change the dash to one button only…that why it’s easier (But still like it!)

Story: The story just goes on and on. Comparing to other John_Shrekinson storylines, this one is the best so far. But so why did he wanted to find his family ( If I am wrong correct me) Anything to change? Everything it a-ok!

You Got : A+


I feel like you should be more critical towards reviewing because giving evey one an A+ isnt really reviewing. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind its your review page and people won’t be upset if you dont give them an A+. You should treat this like your comparing thier games with professional games. This way they will see whats wrong with thier game and how they can improve it.


Now this is such great advice!


Welcome to flowlab @RunningInThe90s

Thank you KiwiLeaf_Entertainment!
I am here to see what flowlab and game making is all about!


Awesome, if you need any help with anything you can always ask me or some others.

Some Others? How many are there?


If you referring too how many other users there are there are quite a few of them.


If you need help with your game you can make a Help Request topic about your problem. Normally there are a handful of people in the community who will help (myself included). If you want you can tag me specifically for help, like this @CodeAlpaca

Thanks for the review!

Thanks to my friend nhgcr, who helped with the game :slightly_smiling_face:


He was wondering where they were and why they were separated.

Yeah but then you can’t switch directions right away

Here’s my game, thanks for a review :grin: Flowlab Game Creator - Bug Hunter

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Thanks for the review!

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Review 3
@moogie001 Bug Hunter

Art: The art in the game is cool, but you used mostly the tutorial sprites. You should draw your own bugs or monsters. The menu also does not make sense. Are those stars or snow? Anything to change? Try to set the ships animation to when done set to last when it moves,because I don’t think that’s how boosters work. (looping) You should also add more visual effects.

Mechanics: I love the store, you can buy alot of stuff there. There is nothing unique about the game, just a reglaur space shooting game. Maybe you could add a twist to it. (if you are still working on it)
Anything to change? No I think it’s good enough.

Story: There is no story. Except bug shooting and wave survival.

You Got B


I ain’t scared to speak of my point of view of other people’s games. The two were actually good to play.

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