After being betrayed from Vault 76, I was forced to move to Vault 111. But there’s a few things you don’t know about that place. It was a little packed. So, they kicked out a select few to fight in the Great War instead. I was the only survivor. Which means that I got the chance to tell Vault-Tec and House about how I felt. The government isn’t who I fight for anymore. They call me Anarchy. I’ve been to every vault, looted every building in the Wasteland, and made vehicles out of nothing but scrap metal and an engine. I can kill a protectron with my fists, and snipe with a pistol. My objective is to take care of all the nuclear warheads left out there, and I won’t stop being a nomad until I win this war. War… War Never Changes. But that’s about to change.

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War… War never changes… In 1776, this great nation accepted that armed conflict was the only way to preserve our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If our founding fathers could only see us now. From Okinawa to Anchorage, we have fought, and now, the Red Menace is at our doorstep. Decromacy itself is under threat of annihilation. That is why today, July 4th, 2076; 300 years after our great nation began, we gathered together to honor the completion, of Vault 76. This sprawling underground shelter may have been engineered by Vault-Tec, but it was built by you; the good people of America. So if the bombs do come, our way of life, will endure.

I wish I could agree, guys. But you apparently don’t refer to me as the good people of America. You sent us out to die, and only I was lucky enough to at least try to get into another vault. But you still abandoned me. And I’m lucky to be alive. I wish I could say something to have sympathy, but it’s too late. I’m going to finish this war, and show you that we don’t need vaults to rebuild this great nation.