Feast Frenzy (Small Story)

Every year my family and I have a feast, with wonderful foods like chicken, grapes, melon, and pie!

Well, last year, we had our feast and… As you could’ve already guessed, it didn’t go so well. We had a problem with some relatives since 2 months pre-feast grandpa Billy had passed away. They never really sorted out the inheritance.

10 years later:

Well, the Earth is split into 4 nations; Chicken Republic, Port Grape, Melon Town, and Pie Village…

Can you help me unite the 4 nations? Oh and by the way, the name’s Ren.


INSPIRED BY @hihilogic’s STORY

Confused. Which one?

500th Anniversary of Common Sense

Ah. It’s actually not called that, but yeah.


Jake and his sister Sammy just woke up from a one thousand year coma. They don’t look ancient, but they’re definitely look 9 years older than twelve. Plus, they got superpowers, which is pretty neat. Join them as they get enlisted into a sort of military that hires them to travel across universes to destroy evil, and to destroy evil within their own universe.

I could probably private message you the whole entire thing.

We should totally start a PM Story Topic