Feedback page for my new horror game SeaTime PlayWay

This page is so I can hear from you guys when the game comes out about bugs, glitches, ideas, etc.This is the game in development stage:

Hope you have a scary time after the game is finished!


Please change the game’s name in settings, I’d hate to see it get lost in my bookmarks.

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ok sorry.the game is still new so i haven’t put in a name.


its okay, now more people can see :slightly_smiling_face: thre game

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Hi, goodluck with your project.

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I have finished the first part of the whole game!As still a free member, I have limited items to add and limited levels.So the game will not have a lot of detail in objects.But because I have already finished the first part, I think this project, along with school time, will take about 1-3 months to finish entirely and if the game gets popular enough, I’ll make a 2nd chapter.But I am planning to make a trailer for the game with my YouTube channel editor.If I decide to get indie to upgrade my game,I have a plan to upload it to some app store/ google play/ steam.MAYBE.I don’t have a lot of money to do all that.So it might not happen.I also have a discord, which you can get into by looking through videos on my YouTube channel Truce2017 or community posts.That is all for now.Thank you!


there will be a delay in the development process because someone on flow-lab put up a game jam for free indie.If I can win, I can upgrade the game to be a lot better and I can also make my other games better.


Hello everyone!

I have some announcements about the game so far…

Either I had an idea for a small map, or I am taking to much time making the game.So I am going to take a break from development and work on the map again on paper and also work on the story/LORE.Also i am going to talk to some friends on the game art and the possibility on a game trailer.I am also still working on that game jam (Mentioned below) to get free indie for ONE YEAR!!!If I win, the game will be a lot more interesting.

Finally, I need ideas to help me win the game jam.Here are some details:
Link to game jam:Post-FlowJam BOOSTER Giveaway (FREE Indie) - #242 by KiwiLeaf_Entertainment

Link to my game entree:

Also, if you do decide to help, I’ll make sure to add you and your suggestion in the credits UNLESS you don’t want me to.

That is all for now. Thank you!


hey you might want to use this link for the jam topic instead since your have a link to my comment lol


Screenshot 2023-01-30 10.23.16 AM

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A quick announcement!

Randomly I am going to post images to show the lore within SeaTime PlayWay.After the map has been finished, I am going to add certain things to develop the lore for the game (For I already have a lot of the lore thought of. At least, the important lore.)

Finished quick announcement.


Screenshot 2023-01-31 9.05.41 AM

the game is kinda broken rn i spawn inside of the grey blocks unable to move


Thanks for reaching out @MoneyPenny! I have noticed that you spawn on the ceiling instead of the ground and I will try to fix it. I think I know how.

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Hello everyone and sorry for the long wait, so I’ll tell you of my recent activities.

*I have been working on my game for a game jam, (I lost lol)
*I have been trying to perfect the final chase scene.
*I have been working on other games on alt. accounts.

That’s all for now thank you!

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What should I do next?