Few useful Feature requests (w/ Concept images)

Those are few interesting and really helpful features for flowlab.
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1. Mouse right-click (and etc.)
This one is pretty simple. It would be just an option for the current “mouse click” behaviour.
I really need this for Awakening just like all the other things mentioned in this discussion

2. Multi Filter
This would save a lot of clicks and space in the Editor. The filter behaviour would get an update that could detect multiple numbers.
This is current:
This is the concept:

3. Seeing Saves and Deleting current ones
Saves and the respective score would appear when we press Ctrl+D

4. Ctrl+D isn’t supposed to be enabled in the Windows exported version
The title says everything

5. Layers and ANIMATIONS for UI and Background
This could be so useful. For the recent lighting system and also hp bars and profiles pictures. a lot of things. Layers are useful everywhere. Background animations cause so much impact in games.
by Latif3

6. Complex Expressions
I would like expressions to have more than A B input, maybe an option to add extras when needed. When doing math with more than 2 variables it can get messy stringing the expressions together breaking equations to fit
By Wizardry

7. Video player
Detailed cutscenes will be possible with this.

8. Private Sound Behaviour
Yes everyone can sneak in in the behaviours but if I bought a soundtrack or made my own and wouldn’t want to people to steal it.

9. Camera zoom
Being able to zoom in and zoom out in-game

10. Fullscreen Game
Fullscreen the game without messing the pixels

11. Esc
We need a toggle option to turn off “Esc” to open the editor and the play, and being able to hotkey “Esc”

Multifilter sounds nice, because I could use it as a multitoggle switch, instead of just 2 toggles.

5. Layers for user interface

I would like expressions to have more than A B input, maybe an option to add extras when needed. When doing math with more than 2 variables it can get messy stringing the expressions together breaking equations to fit

Added yours and added a few others that I forgot

I like all these suggestions, and some of them are on the roadmap already. I think that the MultiFilter problem can be solved with a bundle though. Try this:

Copy and paste the bundle into your behavior window, the click on it and select “Add to menu”

{"behavior":{"nodes":[{"name":"MultiFilter","x":540,"y":256,"inputCount":1,"group":"","isMenuItem":false,"behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroup","outputCount":6,"id":"52441a5a85c71341"},{"name":"Bundle Input","x":90,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341i0","tag":"input","y":384,"inputCount":0,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupInput","outputCount":1,"id":"52446873fd519845"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o2","tag":"3","y":288,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"5244a84edf007647"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o5","tag":"6","y":576,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"5244e14317187d47"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":2,"y":192,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"52451660b8d8954e"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o0","tag":"1","y":96,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"52448d2ffe01bd48"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o1","tag":"2","y":192,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"52449bb3593bfc4a"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":4,"y":384,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"52452c752c46a448"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":6,"y":576,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"5245529314c9864d"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o3","tag":"4","y":384,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"5244b312e2cfeb4b"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":1,"y":96,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"5244fa4f28dcbf40"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":5,"y":480,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"52453a257df86942"},{"name":"Filter","x":450,"gateVal":3,"y":288,"inputCount":2,"mode":"equal to","group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.logic.Filter","outputCount":2,"id":"5245213116c4b040"},{"name":"Bundle Output","x":630,"portId":"52441a5a85c71341o4","tag":"5","y":480,"inputCount":1,"group":"52441a5a85c71341","behaviorType":"logic.NodeGroupOutput","outputCount":0,"id":"5244d37c5d1d6949"}],"links":[{"input_id":"5244fa4f28dcbf40i0","output_id":"52446873fd519845o0"},{"input_id":"52449bb3593bfc4ai0","output_id":"52451660b8d8954eo0"},{"input_id":"5245213116c4b040i0","output_id":"52451660b8d8954eo1"},{"input_id":"5244b312e2cfeb4bi0","output_id":"52452c752c46a448o0"},{"input_id":"52453a257df86942i0","output_id":"52452c752c46a448o1"},{"input_id":"5244e14317187d47i0","output_id":"5245529314c9864do0"},{"input_id":"52448d2ffe01bd48i0","output_id":"5244fa4f28dcbf40o0"},{"input_id":"52451660b8d8954ei0","output_id":"5244fa4f28dcbf40o1"},{"input_id":"5244d37c5d1d6949i0","output_id":"52453a257df86942o0"},{"input_id":"5245529314c9864di0","output_id":"52453a257df86942o1"},{"input_id":"5244a84edf007647i0","output_id":"5245213116c4b040o0"},{"input_id":"52452c752c46a448i0","output_id":"5245213116c4b040o1"}],"v":"2"}}

Does that give you what you need?

Yes, thank you it already helps and saves space. I suggested it because it needs a lot of clicks to do it. Not anymore because of the bundle but not for everyone.

A question: Do the bundles have a limit? I already have a lot of them I wonder what happens when I get even more.

Added a few more that could really be helpful and already got asked before

Give triggers and other behaviors an on/off input to enable/disable them entirely instead of having to filter/switch their output. It would look clustered having 2 more inputs on every behavior but if you could toggle visibility of this in the form of some ‘advanced display editor mode’ that would be neat, even more things than this could be shown like notes/comments as I saw others recommend in the past. Maybe you could also drag a Switch onto the trigger blocks themselves and it would become embedded below it? Kind of like a lego block, If you drag the parent/trigger, the switch block remains attached, but if you drag the switch away it would pop out from its parent/trigger block.

A option to send messages to everything, or to be able to select from the drop down list a multiple selection of object types to message

@Wizardry you can already do that, make everything a child of one object and have the message sent to it

That works if you actually want everything receiving shared information from that single object, but not if you don’t

I mean I usually just make a plain block that does nothing, and have that be the parent. For example, if I had 20 different types of ground, I could just make one plain old ground block a parent, and every other block would just be in the ground parent group category. It wouldn’t have any special effects or anything given to it.

That would just prevent you from having any other kinds of groups for those objects. It would however be easy to just make a bunch of groups, and have an other group for that aren’t already group specifically for a reason. Then you could put all of those different kinds of groups into a bundle, and have information just go into the bundle.

Is it little more work? Yeah, but at least you wouldn’t be sending messages to 2,000 decoration ground and background blocks with a send to all system. Not sure if that would lag or something.

My idea:

All Ground Ground Enemies Enemy1

All being the parent of everything… you get the point

Another reason a checklist dropdown would be useful.

Rotation anchor point
If we were able to change the current anchor point(in the middle) to another position would be very helpful