filter behavior broken in one object

no matter what it delivers pass and fail no matter the in input value in my battle manager object in this game:

Which filter, there are 4 of them in that object.
They all seem to work like their suppose to.


PS; Sid this happen if you placed 2 of those object in the same level?
You can get the same glitch if 1 object uses pass and the clone says fail,
and it will show both in the editor. I only saw the 1 object, so it seems to work when I look at it.

@jr01 Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 11.39.18 PM


Ah I see, I was able to make it happen.

Try to not use inputs for the global behavior here, They all output if one object uses inputs.
Also you want to make sure the enemy speed is going into the filter first.

thanks @“JR 01”

@“JR 01” now it just always outputs pass

It seems to pass because the players speed seems to be higher than the enemy (usually player = 70 and enemy = 30).

If this isnt the answer, then try making sure the player speed goes in after the enemy speed:
(set the timer to 1 w/ delay of 1)