Filter Behavior Broken(Only going through pass output)

In my shop, the left ship trail is being very weird. Basically it reads a global for which trail and then goes through a filter to either keep it on or turn it off. But it makes it always “pass”. If the global is 5 and the filter is equal to 0 it will still pass it. The object is “Trail Left”. The weird thing is that the same exact code is in the right Trail and it works! The right trail object is “Trail Right”.

The level is “New Shop”


@JR01 Do you know why the filter behavior is breaking?
@grazer Is this a bug with the filter behavior or is it something I’m doing wrong?

So, strangely enough the “Trail Left” filters seem to be behaving properly. When I look at “Trail Right”, it has one filter (the one checking for “1”) that seems to stay active for every selection. I believe that this is probably due to the global being set to more than one value in the same frame (so it updates twice, and two filters pass, but you can only see the second value because it happens so quickly).

Let me know if I’m just misunderstanding the issue.

P.S. Rise is really coming along, it is looking very polished!


I just got off work, but it seems you removed it in the game now.
Hope you get it working.

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Thanks, I should’ve explained the issue better. So in this picture this is the “Trail Left” object. The filter is supposed to read if it is supposed to be on or off. But for some reason the filter starts it passed and then keeps it passing even when the value is higher than 0. I’ve tested this and figured out that this only does this when the filter is set to 0. So that’s why the right trail works because it’s set to 10.

@JR01 Can you take a look?


You need to add the left trail back into the game before I can look

It is in the game, what do you mean?

I was in the wrong shop apparently, I’ll take a look.

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It’s doing this because you have 3 of the same ships and only 1 of them are being messaged the number. So the other 2 ships are changing it back to 0.

This should solve it:


Thanks! I just tried it and it worked.