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In my game Flowlab Game Creator - Monkey Flip in the “Enemy_Spawner” block there is code that adds up the amount of times an enemy has been killed and when it equals the global called “Saul” increments which changes the wave and spawns new enemies

The first wave works just fine but when you’ve killed 8 enemies it increments even though it should only after you’ve killed 20 enemies.

Please help me :pray:

Thanks in advance


I can’t go into ur game now, but the issue could be because your global stores the values after each wave, so you could reset it after every wave, I’ll check up on this tmrw if no one else beats me to it


Welcome @Woman_Lover!
Although I cannot access all of the code right now, I would warn you that the “set” input into globals and numbers do not output the values. You have to use “get” at the same time as “set.” Best of luck to your endeavors!

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So what is happening is that your number of killed enemies does not reset on each wave.
Wave 2 starts when you killed 12 and Wave 3 starts when you kill 20. If the number isn’t reset after each wave, then it only takes 8 enemies to advance to the next wave because you already have 12.



yay, thats what I thought the problem was too